Ulrika Jonsson ‘doesn’t give a f**k’ about embarrassing kids with nude selfies

Ulrika doesn’t care if her nude selfies embarrass her kids (Image: Rex)

Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins star Ulrika Jonsson has shared her exact reaction to how ‘cringe’ nude photos of her embarrass her children. Mainly? She didn’t throw a single throw.

She’s known for flaunting it all on her Instagram, often in an attempt to celebrate her skin or raise awareness about various issues, including mental health.

But for her four children, while they wish she had found another use for her social network, it’s been hard luck.

Speaking of what her children Cameron, 26, Bo, 21, Martha, 15, and Malcolm, 12, think about her bluffs, Ulrika said this week: ‘I don’t care care about them.

‘This is my life. I have dedicated my life to them.

‘Yes, there may be times when they’re not happy, but they don’t talk anymore.

‘I have more years behind than what lies ahead and I have shown more of my dedication to them and that will continue.

‘Sometimes, they ‘wow’. But it’s the parent’s role that puts the kids to shame. ‘

Of course, the star – who just celebrated her 54th birthday with a series of selfies – is finally enjoying herself cuddling her body after years of being ‘programmed’ to think negative things. extreme about it.

She said in an interview with The Sun: ‘I’m trying to find a way to love my body. It’s a bit wrinkled but that’s it.

‘In terrible lighting it can look fine.

‘And why shouldn’t I? We’ve all been programmed for different things.

‘I was always told bad, negative things about my body growing up and now I’m like, I’m 54 and I’m going to put my body out there and what it is. “

The former Gladiators star will be entering another year with a tribute to herself on her birthday on August 16, as she reveals her life lessons.

Ulrica Jonsson.
She’s feeling herself (Image: Instagram @ulrikajonssonofficial)

Ulrika wrote ‘This is 54. Happy birthday, to me…. What I know so far: I am a lioness of boundless proportions. I am fierce; I am loyal. Passion courses through my veins; fire burned my heart and imagination like a wild horse through my confused, restless mind.

‘I like reckless abandon and ferocity at times when prudence and prudence can be the order of the day. Sleeping with a lion has never bothered me.

‘But the futility of trying to change the shape of my heart has never gone away for me. I’m myself. I may be too much. But I was never enough.

‘I live by instinct and intuition. A empath; a lover, a caretaker and a nurturer. I’m learning to put myself first, but it’s a powerful lesson to learn. I am a simple woman. I am a complex soul.

‘I can be shy and impatient. And I don’t like goat cheese. #leosarethebest. ‘

Ulrika is no stranger to talking about it, and shining in her body positivity, she recently posed nude to raise awareness about men’s mental health.

Speaking of the viral moment – where she wore only a pair of butts as she posed with a wheelbarrow in her back garden – Ulrika said it was an important moment not only to raise awareness but for her own self-esteem.

She wrote in an earlier column for The Sun: ‘I can’t help but see excess skin, cellulite on the backs of my legs, diminished forearm muscles, growing leaner body and varicose veins. My dear circuit that I’ve had to operate on less than three times.

“But when my best friend Laura held my hand when I hit the ‘start’ button on Instagram, I felt like I had to accept and own this almost 54 year old body. Own it. That’s what it is. It gave life to four beautiful, ungrateful children. ‘

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