Sharon Stone is once again a legend as she rocks iconic Basic Instinct shirt

Sharon Stone is often vocal about the scene (Image: Getty/Rex)

Sharon Stone proved once again she’s an absolute legend, as she rocked a shirt depicting her iconic Basic Instinct scene.

The actress, who played Catherine Tramell in the 1992 hit movie, flashed a big smile for the camera as she posed in her late teens – and of course, she looked incredible.

The shirt shows an illustrated version of Catherine sitting in a chair, legs crossed and a cigarette in hand, and we’ll need someone to thank you immediately.

‘Been there done that; received the @groovyshelly t-shirt,’ she joked.

Sharon often talks about the Basic Instinct scene, which famously shows her character cross-legged and cross-legged during an interview with the police without wearing any underwear.

Previously, sharing about the uncomfortable circumstances of playing the role, the 63-year-old woman alleged that she was asked to take off her underwear during her famous interrogation scene because they ‘reflect light’.

In an excerpt from her memoir, The Beauty Lives Twice, obtained by Vanity Fair, the 32-year-old actress at the time of filming also said that she had been promised that her private parts would not be shown on the internet. screen.

Sharon said she realized the agreement was not being honored when she called to see the final version of the film in a ‘room full of agents and lawyers, most of whom had nothing to do with the project. ‘

The actress wrote: ‘That’s how I first saw my vagina, long after I was told, “We can’t see a thing, I just need you to take off your panties, because of the color The white is reflecting slightly, so we know you’re wearing panties.”

‘Yes, there have been many views on this subject, but as I am a vagabond I would like to say: The other views are bulls. That’s me and parts of me there. ‘

However, director Paul Verhoeven claimed in 2017 that Sharon was ‘lying’ about what happened.

“Any actress knows what she would watch if you asked her to take off her underwear and point at it with the camera,” he told ICON.

He alleges that when Sharon initially saw the scene on screen, she didn’t have any reaction.

‘When she saw the sight of being surrounded by other people [American] everyone, including her agent and her journalist, she went crazy,’ he added.

‘People told her this scene was going to ruin her career, so Sharon came over and asked me to put it away. I told her no. “You accepted, and I showed you the results,” I said, and she replied, “F**k you.” But Sharon won’t tell you that, certainly not. ‘

More recently, Sharon revealed that there’s going to be a director’s XXX cut – and there’s nothing she can do to stop it.

Speaking to presenter Tracy Grimshaw on Australian TV show A Current Affair, Sharon said: ‘They have decided to release the director’s XXX cut for the 30th anniversary.’

Noticing Tracy’s surprised expression, Sharon continued: ‘Yes, your face was the same as mine when I heard the news.’

The star explained that she doesn’t have any wiggle room or power to prevent the release from continuing, as new rules from the Screen Actors Guild for this kind of situation were created only after the release. basic functions are performed.

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